Issue Number Two: Coming Soon

Back in October we took a big step in attempting to rebuild OTB Central by releasing the first edition of a magazine. I worked with fellow writers to put together a magazine built "For fans by fans" and though some might call the first attempt a failure I will call it a success. The reason I will call it a success is, because even though I was the only person who bought a copy of the magazine we still made one. For the time that the magazine was available we had a magazine for sale with the On the Bleachers name attached to it, which in my opinion is incredible to think about. Looking back though I do think I made some mistakes like not marketing it well enough and maybe picking the wrong time to release it. However, in discussing it with former writers we decided to take another attempt at a magazine, but do things a little differently this time.

The reality is that I recently tweeted on the NHL OTB account looking for fans that might be interested in writing for the magazine. Surprisingly, in my mind that tweet got a lot of interest and attention from followers and a number of people contacted me. It is very flattering to know how high the interest level is for people writing in a magazine, as much like the first issue this issue will be a passion project for me.

Currently though there is well a major holiday coming up on the 25 of December that being Christmas and I think it is fair to assume that nobody should be focusing on the magazine until post Christmas. With that being said one could wonder the expected release date for Issue #2 of the magazine and that expected date is sometime in either early April or late March 2019. The expected release of the magazine does line up with the end of hockey season, start of baseball season and Wrestlemania in pro-wrestling. This gives our writers endless possibilities to write about and go even more in depth on their articles with the possibility of two magazines hitting shelves this time around.

Stay tuned for more information right here or on Twitter with any of the OTB branded handles Found Here. Also I just wanted to thank each and every one of you for the continued support and acknowledgement of the OTB brand it really means a lot.


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